Purpose and advantages

The privilege of finding a one-stop shop with independent solutions for investment and residency, specialized in Portugal and certified by 10 years of experience in investment advice and wealth management.

APORT’s purpose is to provide privileged access to investment and residency opportunities in Portugal, and consequently in Europe. We believe that anyone who wants to see their assets and quality of life grow, deserves the comfort of the full-service approach of a company developed from the beginning in one of the best countries to invest and to live and prepared to satisfy any needs at any stage of the process of investment, legal-migratory and tax-related; before, upon or even long after arriving.

With APORT you get the privilege of:

  • First-class full range of Family Office services around investing, living (moving) and doing Business in Portugal.
  • Neutral and independent advice, with no hidden fees or conflict of interest.


  • The right decision about living and investing in Portugal.
  • Maximum tax advantages through the adoption of special tax regimes (such as the Non-Habitual Resident Regime).
  • Means to live and work in Europe “forever” (“residence in Europe by investment” – through the Golden Visa).
  • Best investment opportunities in Europe today (learn about our service: Investment Opportunities).
  • Tranquillity during relocation (before, during and after arrival) and family integration.
  • Ensuring continued success through a local partner who thinks of everything.

This is a company backed up by a solid foundation of 10 years of experience and expertise in wealth management and investment advice (powered by Loyal Wealth Management).



In-house wealth management and investment strategy, coupled with business consultants, property agents and expert lawyers, all local and selected with high quality criteria, guarantee a solid structure, with immediate and individual possibilities of response to any demand related to foreign investment, means of residence, acquisition of property and wealth management in Portugal. All that through one single trusted provider.

Cristiano Zen
Cristiano Zen
Cristiano Zen
Born in 1973 in Santa Catarina, Brazil. He graduated in Chemical Engineering and has a post-graduate MBA in Business Administration.
He worked in multinational companies such as Bayer, SAP, Deloitte Consulting and BMW, as well as acquired experience in the coordination of international projects (Germany, USA, Argentina and Brazil).
He has been running his own wealth management company (family office), the Loyal Wealth Management, since 2006 in Switzerland, being responsible for the development of the investment strategies. These are offered through a diversified portfolio, with focus on Absolute Return character and achievement of higher performances at a controlled risk, which makes his investment offer unique.
In 2018 he begins to visit Portugal intensively, founding the extended business unit APORT.
LANGUAGES: Portuguese, German, English, Spanish and Italian.
Tânia Braga
Tânia Braga
Tânia Braga
Portuguese, born in 1981 and living in Lisbon. She started with a degree and post-graduation in Healthcare. Later she completed an Executive MBA at the Hult Business School, in London. After her career start in the Healthcare sector, she leaped into business analysis, project management and operations management of multinational companies. She is passionate for creating corporate structures, systems and procedures based on detailed analysis. Her analytical capacity and attention to detail is combined with the ability to create solutions and methods of excellence for first class professional services.
LANGUAGES: Portuguese, English, Spanish and French


10 years of experience powered by the Loyal Wealth
Management team, now in Portugal with APORT.

Counting on a local structure with 10 years of international experience is a privilege. Loyal Wealth Management represents a contemporary approach of wealth management (family office, financial advice), based on the combination of innovative investment strategies backed up by recognized centres of private banking, such as: Switzerland (Liechtenstein), the Bahamas and the United States of America.

Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Loyal is a “financial intermediary” authorized by the Swiss authorities

and works 100% independent, neutral and free from any commitment or agreement with any banking entity or other promoters of financial products.

In August 2018, Loyal Wealth Management celebrated its 10th anniversary with the creation of APORT Investment Advice.

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